Ten Things Of Thankful – Baby Boom

I am thankful this week for the babies that have been born in the family and the babies that are soon to be born.  It seems like a baby boom!  Lots of friends’ children are procreating, as well – it’s a new generation of baby, parent and grandparent, aunt and uncle designations.  Here are a few photos of the newborns:

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Ten Things of Thankful In The Garden

Inspired by the weekly question in the Ten Things of Thankful blog site, I’m dedicating this post to the gardens around my house. They are symbols of love, hard work, organization, planning, caring and then watching it all come to mature fruition.  Sort of a metaphor for our marriage and life together.  They hold memories of family times and notable occasions.

Herb pots

Clay pots of herbs adorn the sides of the three brick steps coming out of the back door. It is convenient for me to step out and cut some chives, rosemary or flat leaf parsley for a recipe. We also have basil, oregano, cilantro and a new one this year – tarragon.

The patios and walkways around the pool in the yard hold large potted plants:


This is one of my favorite. Large trailing bright red geraniums surround some light green tongue-like foliage in the center of the pot. The color contrast is pleasing.

Impatients pot

White impatiens surround a reddish-green spike plant in this pot and yes, that is the post from a clothesline in the periphery.


The bright pink flowers of the trailing vinca below the tropical mandevilla complement each other nicely. The mandevilla is a vine that is climbing a small trellis in the pot.


Croatan leaves in the pot center are various tropical colors. They are light or dark green with pronounced yellow or red lines of veins in the center. Around them we have placed a variety of annuals and some creeping jenny to cascade over the sides of the pot.

The Grove

Our very first garden spot we call the grove. You enter a leafy green and shady paradise down one brick step that is flanked by two urn shaped concrete pots filled with pink and white foliage.


Briefly, in late spring, the peonies bloom, pink cabbage roses bursting from large round buds in the midst of some dark green leafage.


And in the family garden:

Four generations of Newmans

Four generations: The newest Newman (Princess Aubree) held and being fed by her father, my son in the middle, my mother-in-law on the right and my husband, dashing home from the job for a quick photo, on the left. We might call this a rose and some thorny weeds, in keeping with the garden metaphor.

Great Grandma

Aubree Sue met her paternal great grandmother this week. Shirley is holding the dear baby in her arms as she held her children and grandchildren over the years. So much love in her heart and her eyes.















I am thankful for the love and beauty surrounding me in my home and family.

Ten Things of Thankful

Join in the fun at the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop hosted by Josie Two Shoes.


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Ten Things of Thankful Late

Getting my thankful on.  I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.  At least a very important weekly Ten Things of Thankful post delineating the highlights of my week wrapped in gratitude.  But I’m here, sharing, so that is my first thing of thankful.

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