I’m out of the habit of posting Ten Things of Thankful each Saturday morning, no matter what else is going on.   Here it is Sunday night, pitch black outside at 7:00 pm, and my custom, or practice, has passed me by. However, I am recommitted to participating in this wonderful, life improving blog hop, hosted by Josie, one of my dearest blogging friends.

October has come, and although my heart and body aches for the long days of summer, those calm and lazy days, I look forward to increased productivity now that the season has changed.  There’s something about fall that gives me a little more energy and exuberance.

I’m thankful for energy.

My energy that takes me to the gym in an effort to keep healthy.

The energy we are going to save by the installation of a new furnace and air conditioning unit after 27 years of service. (And the financing available to pay it off).

The energy my 4 month old granddaughter exhibits grabbing her toes and rolling over from her back to her belly.  A milestone of babyhood!

I am thankful for family.

The octogenarians – 88 year old step-father and 89 year old mother-in-law -who participate in life to their fullest ability.

For the adult son, and wonderful father and husband who celebrated his birthday with a family dinner.

That grand-daughter who has stolen my heart and filled me with renewed love for life in general.

My loves – Timmy and Aubree Sue.  The baby is standing on his leg – she loves to be held standing up.  His birthday dessert of brownie, ice cream sundae is slightly melting but looks yummy.

For my sister.   I cherish her and our relationship of positivity; we support and build each other up.

I am thankful for friends, especially for the one who called and asked me to run to the shopping outlets with her on a day I was bored needed to get out of the house.

I am thankful for food to eat, clothes to wear, people who love me and to whom I can return the love, and Monday morning coffee and the opportunity to begin again and have new things in life to look forward to.

No matter what day it is, it is the day to be thankful.


Ten Things of Thankful

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful- Monday Morning

  1. That baby will steal hearts! Your thankful list is putting a smile in my heart.

  2. ‘cellent TToT
    Very appropriate topic/theme and ties the two seemingly discreet elements of life together quite handily.*
    The time of year is insidious (imo) in convincing us life forms to slow down, perhaps even sleep, as if an endless field of poppies has grown up in our path (their white flowers too easily transforming into snow). Even the sun has joined in the conspiracy. (don Juan Mateus, in the wonderful books of Castaneda warns that one of the four enemies of man is Old Age. He does not so much refer to the passing of time as the surrender of choice. Old age would have us believe that we have become different (from ourselves at a lesser age) and that we need not resist this. Very much the opposite.)

    Well, you certainly have not lost the talent for (writing TToTs) that inspire (and incite) wildly ranging comments, have you? lol

    good post.

    * I say, is it me. or does that adverb sound rather quaint and old-fashioned?

  3. This was wonderful, Val, just the peaceful, encouraging words of contentment and hope this morning truly needed after hearing the sad news from Las Vegas. Yes, there still is and always will be so much good in life, no matter how evil seeks to destroy it.

    I am so proud of you for maintaining an active lifestyle, both outdoors and at the gym. Your granddaughter will thank you for being healthy to share the years with her!

    How awesome to finally be able to replace that heating/AC system that has surely done it’s time! You will be warm and cozy this winter and nice and cool next summer. Good financing is a godsend for most of us.

    Aubree Sue is adorable beyond words and I can only imagine all the smiles and laughter she warms your heart with! That cute guy holding her surely owns a big piece of your heart as well. It’s wonderful to see our children moving forward with their lives and still remembering to share their time and love with us.

    You are blessed to be so close to your sister both in distance and heart. I am in daily contact with both of mine and often the three of us visit a little bit together now which is much progress from where it has been at times. I am thankful for them too!

    Good friends do have a magical way of popping in with the right words, friendly greetings, or offers to go out just when we need them! 🙂

    I nodded my head in agreement to each item in your last paragraph (well, except the coffee – I do iced tea), but most importantly the wonderful perspective that we can always begin again and there will ALWAYS be new things in life to look forward to!

    Who says your TToT has to be done on Saturday? Do it when you feel inspired, that’s why we have an extended time frame here. I’m finding that I really like starting Monday by reading/commenting on the posts that have been shared. It puts the perfect feeling of gratitude on the beginning of the week for me! Have a good one coming up! XOXO

  4. It’s always glad to see you here, no matter what time you join in! I know what you mean about wanting to maintain routine, though. I used to be a “post on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning” person, too, and lately I’ve been later and later. I miss the consistency I once had!

    Your granddaughter is adorable. Grandchildren do have a way of stealing hearts!

  5. An evening where the sky darkens sooner, as fall sets in, sounds like a good time to write a thankful post to me. Maybe this will become your new routine, at least for the coming months.

    Your granddaughter is turning over so soon. My niece, now that she knows how, hardly likes to remain on her back for more than a minute. They will both be on the move before we know it.


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