This week, after quite a long absence during a short summer, my ten things of thankful post will be in headlines.  I’ve been preoccupied with the news over the past months (I’m sure you know why – a reality accident that is tough to look away from) and I thought it would be fun to post my thankfuls as headlines.

Husband Cleans Up After Dinner, Letting Wife Relax

Sweet Baby Granddaughter Coos to the Delight of All

Woman Finally Removes Layers of Dust from Window Treatments and Washes Curtains

Octogenarian Doing well after Short Hospital Stay

Skipping the Gym and Enjoying a Long Morning at Home has Health Benefits, too. 

Cousins, Aunts Great and Great-Great , ditto Mothers, Meet Up for an Afternoon of Love, Laughter and Lunch

Longtime Friends Share Lunch and “Therapy” Session 

Prodigal Would-be Writer Returns to Blogging World  Read SSS

Prayers for Vulnerable Family Members Freely Given and Gratefully Accepted

Beauty in Nature is All Around

I’ve missed you, my friends.   Can you sum up your gratitude in headlines?  Share one or two with me in the comments.

Thanks, as always to Josie for hosting the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.

Ten Things of Thankful

9 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Headlines

  1. Thanks for visiting, Linda. I am looking forward to participating much more fully this fall.

  2. Love the headline style – great way to do it. Maybe I should call you next time I can’t think of a title for one of my pieces.
    Can’t think when the last time I did a Thankful post was – long ago, that’s for sure.

    • Did you know I was the caption editor for my high school yearbook? I bet that says something about my writing style. I know when things are the most convoluted in my life, the TToT helps me put things in perspective. Hope to see you there real soon.

  3. Welcome Back Val!! I’ve missed you so much! This was an awesome format for your return to TToT, well worth waiting for and just the smile I needed today! I’m sorry your blog had to give you access fits, but so glad it’s back to behaving now!

    Everything on your list is about the good things in life, the sweet things, and the accomplishments that assure us we are still making headway! I can relate well to the removal of dust layers, but first I have to remove the clutter to reach the surface to be dusted! Made a little progress on that here this past week too. I think my headline might read, “After nine years woman bravely begins opening boxes from her former life.” 🙂

    Thank you so much for returning to the fold, you are loved here. Now I’m headed over to read your SSS for this week. XOXO

    • Wow, Wendy, that headline of yours makes me want to read further and find out what is in those boxes of your former life. It feels good and right to be back. The more drama in life that is going on, the more the need for gratitude is apparent. My latest headline:
      Woman Perseveres Tech Issues

  4. Hey Stranger.

    Hmm. Something seems different around here.

    Love the headline idea. I may just give it a try myself one of these weeks. I do get stuck in the repeat pattern for my blog and TToT.

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