It has been awhile since I’ve shared some things of thankful with my favorite blogging friends at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hosted by our dear Josie 2 Shoes. I haven’t actually been hiding, but I’m in the honeymoon phase of grandmothering, enjoying all the wonderful love and excitement of the new baby in our family.


Aubree Sue

Two proud grandmas. My sister Patty is holding her grandson, Rocco and I have Princess Aubree Sue in my arms at a recent family party.

Aubree Sue

At 5 1/2 weeks old, Miss Aubree Sue is smiling and alert and full of love and sweetness. I have to confess I sometimes kiss my phone when I see her picture.

The hub and I had a chance to visit the beach house in NC and I’m posting this from there right now.


Sun, surf, sky and sand. Ahhh!!!!!

I am thankful for the phone app Words With Friends so I can keep a loose connection to some blogging friends.  In fact, thanks to Paul in the chat of WWF, I discovered my blog was locked and in pursuing the unlocking, I wrote this post.

I don’t have too much to say right now, but I will be back and get caught up reading and visiting in the near future.  In the meantime,  here are some blogs you can enjoy:

Paul at Red Neck Latte will provide you with lots of interesting info on people and places.  

Josie at Josie 2 Shoes always has something heartfelt and lovely to share.

Ivy at Uncharted hosts the weekly Six Sentence Story blog hop and there’s always something to read over there – added bonus, photos of her pirate pooch.

Clark, creator of the Wakefield Doctrine, will challenge your intellect and tickle your funny  bone.  Plus he has written some memorable and enthralling fiction on JukePop.

There is always, always something to be thankful for (for which to be thankful- I just had to, it’s the grammar in me – get it grammar, grandma?)

13 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Out of Hiding

  1. Aubree is a cutie!! Thanks for the cred on the blog lock. I just don’t get the hacker thing. A friends Twitter was hacked yesterday too! Good post.

  2. I was so happy to see you back with a post for us, Val! I’ve missed you here and at SSS, even though I knew you were still among the living as you continue to trounce me on WWF!! 🙂 I suspected that you just might be a bit preoccupied with that gorgeous little princess in your life, and I’m so happy that she is doing well and you are able to spend time with her. I am happy too, that you are back at your beloved beach for the holiday weekend and have another visit planned for July! I saw that pink and white afghan you crocheted for another new little girl, and it was so pretty, you do lovely needlework! The blogs you’ve provided links for above are always a good read (well, mine can be a bit goofy at times) and I hope we’ll soon see you back on the list with a new story. Perhaps the beach will inspire you! XOXO

    • I have a SSS of sorts to share when I get back to the house. The beach IS inspiring.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. Sounds like the best kinds of busy While the interweb is the highest form of interconnectivity, there ain’t nothing like the real world for having things and people and experiences that make it all worthwhile.
    Total enviation on the beach thing lol

  4. I am so fortunate that people keep me in their thoughts because I have been so negligent in keeping up with people. So thank you. And I’m so happy to see little Aubrey Sue is such a smiley little thing. It seems that your daughter-in-law and Son smile a lot as well do you! So it would seem she comes by it naturally!

  5. An adorable reason, an enviable reason….no worries on your absence Val 😀 Who wouldn’t be short on time when grandmotherlying doting and the beach are occupying your time! 😀
    Enjoy the beach and may the sun shine every day 🙂

  6. How adorable! You have the right to go on hiding with this cuties but keep in mind a picture with them is worth more than 10 thankfuls!

  7. Your remark about being the “grammar grandma” made me laugh. I can relate, and then when I change my wording, I wonder if I am coming across too stuffy or old school.
    Your little Aubree Sue is such a little doll. I think it is such a bonus that you and your sister get to share the experience of both being grandmas to little ones about the same age.

  8. If I had a sweet newborn baby to cuddle and a beach, you wouldn’t be seeing much of me, either! Good to see you here, but the blog will wait for you – that precious baby girl won’t!

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