I am thankful this week for the babies that have been born in the family and the babies that are soon to be born.  It seems like a baby boom!  Lots of friends’ children are procreating, as well – it’s a new generation of baby, parent and grandparent, aunt and uncle designations.  Here are a few photos of the newborns:

Lane was born in March:

My princess, Aubree Sue was born three weeks ago:

Rocco entered the world on June 3

And Shane Austin appeared a couple days later on June 5:

There will be two more new babies, a girl and and boy, to be born in August and October, respectively.   I’ll keep you posted.

Sweet blessings – 100 Things of Thankful.

The yard looks more beautiful each day.  Tim snipped a few blooms for me:

A small yellow stella d’oro lily in between two pink peonies, also called cabbage roses, in a crystal vase.

It seems this year we will have fruit on our trees – I spied some infant nectarines, peaches and plums (part of the baby boom, I guess) as well as the load of wild cherries on this tree:

You have to look closely to see the small cherries amid the leafy green branches of this cherry tree. It was dusk when I took the photo so it is sort of dark. At any rate, we are ready to harvest them.

So the babies are growing, the plants are blooming and my heart is swelling with gratitude and love.  What are you thankful for this week?


Ten Things of Thankful

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8 thoughts on “Ten Things Of Thankful – Baby Boom

  1. You have a nursery of babies and a nursery of flowers and yummy fruits in infant stages of development.
    Those peonies are beautiful!
    You have so many things to be thankful for this week, and in the weeks to come as you watch these little ones grown and develop.

  2. Babies and flowers and fruit. Love it.

    Fruit that’s fresh is my favourite thing about summer.

    Glad you are enjoying all the new life all around you Val.

  3. Population explosion in the zip code. (Probably should start Christmas shopping now, no?) lol
    Excellent photo of the flower-things in the vase. We don’t have much around the house or yard that isn’t green or brown, at least at this stage of the summer.

  4. Wow, a whole generation of little ones being born close together, how fun it will be to watch them grow! Your yard is amazing, and your husband is so sweet for bringing these lovely flowers in flowers for you! I did blow up the photo of the cherry tree to see them… way cool! Can’t wait to see a basket of them once harvested! It seems that everything is changing and growing in your world, and you sound truly happy. I know summer is your favorite season dear friend, enjoy! <3

  5. I know you are rocking the Grandma bit! I’m jealous. Can’t wait to be a grandpa!

  6. I love fresh cherries. I love peonies. But I love itty bitty babies more than anything! Enjoy!

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