Six sentence story – drill

An owl looking at you.

This week’s six sentence story uses the cue drill.  Can you tell a story in six long or short sentences?  A story that introduces characters, delineates a setting  and plot and some sort of resolution?  It’s the challenge each week, offered by our friend Ivy, where bloggers join in and share their creative efforts.

It had been drilled into Laura’s head since she was a young girl in elementary school, that education and intellectual pursuits were more important than social gatherings and having fun.

Through high school, this did not pose much of an issue, because who wanted to socialize with a nerdy, brainy type who always had her nose in a book, her hair always a mess, awkwardly running to class with one white sock  pulled higher than the other?

Things changed though, when Laura became a senior and everyone was scrambling to write essays and get their applications into the colleges of their choices.

Her classmates wanted to know where she was applying and if she had any tips for writing the iconic college essay and maybe they could study for SATs with her, and hey, they really liked the ballerina flats she traded in for her Sketchers.

She felt a personal power that she had never experienced before, confidence that blossomed like the time lapsed video of a lotus, because of the personal attention, or the shoes, she wasn’t sure.

By the time prom and graduation came around, her priorities were changing and that static message  became a twinge of guilt each time she enjoyed the philosophy her new-found friends imparted – all work and no play is not good for the soul.

NOTE:  Sometimes writing the intro and the extro take as much “dig down deep and see what you come up with” as writing the story.

Six Sentence Stories

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Ten Things of Thankful – Friends

A sunflower, as I do, always faces the sun

I’m dedicating this weeks Ten Things of Thankful post to all my friends – the real life ones- new and long-time, the friends from the blogosphere that I may or may not have met in real life, and the friends I have yet to meet.

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Six sentence story- order


This week’s cue for a six sentence story is order.   I’m writing  a story of the story, how it came to be.  I hope my friend, Paul, at RedNeckLatteRavings, gets a laugh out of this.

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Ten Things of Beauty 


A Ten Things of Thankful post in photos is my favorite kind. When so many events in the news hurt our hearts and our minds, looking and finding beauty in our own backyards is a way to find relief from the sadness.

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Six sentence story – long

Beach 101 002

A six sentence story each week is  all that is required to link up to the blog hop brought to us by Ivy at Uncharted who offers an interesting cue each week.  That’s the long and short of it.

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Ten Things of Thankful – Obscure

gogo boots

I skipped last week’s ten things of thankful because I’m feeling invisible and obscure, so this week I’m dedicating the ten things of thankful to all those obscure little things, that make life just a little easier, but that we take for granted everyday.

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Six Sentence Story – Stall

Mid-eastern Bazaar

A six sentence story is a good way for me to get back into writing and posting and blogging. You might say I’ve been stall-ed.  (Pun intended).

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