Six Sentence Story – Back

A six sentence story, any theme, any style, using the cue word back.   Ivy’s wonderful blog hop is my pathway back into the writing and blogging  community.


They passed each other slowly in the crowded high school corridor; Sarah was on her way to French, Kevin to Biology, backpacks slung over one shoulder, the other arm dangling by their sides.

Deftly, he handed her the note, slipped it from his palm, through his fingers into her waiting fingers, without making eye contact, barely saying, “hi.”

Sarah clutched the folded paper as she passed by, imperceptibly nodding her head, and she continued on to class.

The teacher droned on, conjugated the irregular verb etre – suis, es, est, sommes, etes, sont – and surreptitiously, Sarah unfolded the note, thinking how much more exciting words written on paper were than texted messages.

She read, “My parents are out tonight; I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, K.”

Sarah wondered how she was going to back out of this arrangement just as Madame inquired, “Anything you’d like to share with us, Cherie?”

Each week I think Ivy for the writing opportunity and the vehicle for sharing some words.  If you have a story to tell and need a platform, I’d be glad to share your story on my blog.

Six Sentence Stories


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Six Sentence Story – Bark

I’m posting this week’s six sentence story from the beach, as I try to chase endless summer by enjoying the still blue skies and warm ocean temperatures.  But there’s a feeling of  impending doom transition out there.


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Ten Things of Thankful – Hello There

Hello, there. It’s me. It’s been awhile and I’ve missed all my Ten Things of Thankful buddies from the blog hop that changes lives and perspectives.

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Six Sentence Story – Range

I’ve been a sketchy participant in Ivy‘s Six Sentence Story blog hop recently, but this week I wanted to share a story and visit each of the friendly and talented writers who make pictures with words and tell a tale in six short sentences.

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Six Sentence Story – Suspect

I suspect, there’s something about summer and me that makes it difficult to participate in my usual blog adventures, like the six sentence story hop I enjoy so much at other times of the year.  I did manage to get out of the beach chair to share this one with you.

cat and cupcake

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Ten Things of Thankful Catch Up Time

It’s no secret I like the beach and it’s no secret I  haven’t participated in the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop in quite awhile.  In fact, I’ve been remiss in lots of my social media, on-line regular reading and participation because

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Purple!  The color of royalty.  What sort of art challenge is this anyway?

red plus blue equal purple

Purple is one of those colors I will wear, although it is difficult to match a hue from memory. I’d never wear red, but I love blue.


Markers, gel pens and a scribble picture. (Pre-school art)


Thank you PicsArt.




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